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  • Why choose Electrogreen for your solar energy system?

    Unlike many other solar energy companies, we offer an end-to-end solution. This means that we take care of every step of the process for you, from designing the system, to sourcing the panels, to the final installation and set up.
    Many other solar companies in Adelaide employ sales people who don’t have relevant installation experience, and so the system they sell you may not ultimately be practical or feasible. This means that when it comes to the final installation, the system you bought may not actually be to the specifications you were expecting.
    As we handle every aspect of solar energy systems in-house (in particular, we don’t sub-contract out the installation, like many other companies), you can be sure that your system will be designed to suit your needs, with the final set up being precisely what you purchased.

  • Solar energy systems — cost v. quality?

    When it comes to solar energy systems, we always advise home and business owners to choose quality over price. This means that we only recommend and install Tier 1 solar panels and inverters produced by leading manufacturers.
    If you have already shopped around, you will no doubt be aware that there are plenty of seemingly cheap options available in the solar market. However, this almost always proves to be a false economy in terms of sustainability, the amount of energy delivered, and the length of operating life provided.
    In the long run, if you want a return on your investment, greater autonomy and a long term sustainable source of energy, installing high quality solar panels will always be more efficient and ultimately more cost effective than taking the apparently cheaper option.

  • What size solar energy system do I need?

    There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account when designing a solar energy system. These include: the amount of energy you use, and the times when you use it most; how much roof space you have available; and the orientation of your house and roof in relation to the sun.
    Our team will assess the above factors, in conjunction with your energy goals and needs, in order to determine the most effective set up and configuration of a solar energy system for your property.

  • What is a solar inverter and why is it so important?

    A solar inverter converts the DC current produced by your solar panels into an AC current that enables electricity to feed into your home in a form that can be used by your appliances. It also enables electricity to be fed back into the commercial grid. Your inverter is such an important component because it enables you to extract the optimum energy from your solar panels.
    A high quality inverter that functions efficiently is therefore crucial to being able to get the full benefit from your solar system. A sub-standard or inefficient inverter that is not working to full capacity means that you will be drawing power from the grid more often and in greater quantities than you should be, resulting in higher electricity bills and less capacity for battery storage.

  • Are subsidies and incentives available for solar energy and home battery systems?

    There are a range of subsidies available for property owners looking to install a home battery system in SA, or upgrade a solar energy system. Click below to find out more information:

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