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A home battery system is a highly efficient and cost effective way of storing and using the energy created by a solar system, giving you access to cleaner, more affordable, more reliable power.

Excess energy that is produced by your solar panels is stored so that it can be used at times of peak power consumption, during a power outage, or at times when there is no sunlight. This means that rather than selling excess energy back to the grid, you can retain it for your personal use, giving you greater energy independence as well as saving you money on your electricity bills.

The way energy is used is intelligently managed by the system, ensuring maximum efficiency and enabling you to attain your goals in terms of energy use, independence and security. The amount of energy that can be stored depends on the capacity and number of batteries integrated into your system.

At Electrogreen, we can supply and install a range of different battery storage capacities designed to suit your specific needs. Our experience and expertise in the field means that we can help you select an appropriate system that will enable you to live more sustainably while reducing the overall cost of your energy use.

The benefits of a home solar battery system

There are a number of benefits to installing a solar battery system in your home, including:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Greater energy independence
  • Less susceptibility to electricity price hikes
  • More flexibility in your energy use
  • Protection against power outages

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